Bodybuilder and popular YouTuber Calum von Moger is receiving backlash from his YouTube subscribers following a video he uploaded to his channel yesterday.

The 28 year old Australian shared a video which was supposedly about what he eats in a typical week, but was actually just 15 long minutes of him and his friends walking around a supermarket acting “super unlikeable”.


Whilst Calum doesn’t exactly do much wrong in the video (excluding the small amount of criminal damage), fans didn’t hesitate to express how shocked they were by the bodybuilder’s “immature behaviour”. Comments included:

“Just like my 9 year old son in the grocery store”.

“But why is he destroying the store’s produce?? Dont think he would like it if people at his booth started opening/marking his supplements then walking off.”

“I honestly miss Calum from back in the days when he wasn’t so blown up and was way more humble.”

“Been noticing he’s been acting more douchey lately. This is the worst yet”

“If this is what being big again does to you. Unsubscribed. Need to find your humble self again before it’s too late.

Calum hasn’t yet responded to any of the comments, most of which express disappointment, and very few being supportive of the video. Many fans are urging the YouTuber to take the video down for his own sake.