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tips for avoiding back pain when weight lifting

3 Tips to Prevent Back Pain While Weight Lifting

Anybody who has experienced back pain knows how much it can affect your daily life. It can be particularly frustrating dealing with back pain when trying to work towards fitness goals. If you’re dealing with post-exercise back pain, you’ll be relieved to know that there are steps you can take to both reduce existing pain, […]

myofibrillar vs sarcoplasmic hypertrophy

Sarcoplasmic vs Myofibrillar Muscle Growth: What’s the Difference?

What’s the difference between sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and myofibrillar hypertrophy? Well, they’re both muscle growth, as the word “hypertrophy” refers to the growth or enlargement of an organ or tissue, due to the increase in size of its cells. But, at the same time, they couldn’t be more different, and you may want to focus more on one […]

how to train shoulders for mass

The Most Effective Way to Train Shoulders (Video)

Shoulders are a prioritised body part for bodybuilders, physique models and male gym-goers that want to build a strong, masculine “V-taper”. But what’s the most effective way to add muscle mass to the shoulders? In this video, fitness YouTuber and bodybuilder Jeff Nippard continues his Science Explained series by delving into the studies based around […]

How Does Alcohol Affect Fat Loss, Muscle Growth & Testosterone? (Video) 3

How Does Alcohol Affect Fat Loss, Muscle Growth & Testosterone? (Video)

The effects of alcohol on muscle growth, fat loss and testosterone levels. Does drinking alcohol affect muscle growth and fat loss? In this video, Jeff Nippard takes a look at the studies carried out on the affect that alcohol has on muscle growth, fat loss and testosterone levels. Credit: YouTube Does alcohol affect fat loss? It’s important […]

cant feel my abs working when doing sit ups 5

Why Can’t I Feel My Abs When Doing Ab Exercises?

Can’t feel your abs when doing ab exercises? You’re not alone, and there are a number of potential reasons why you’re facing this problem… 1. You’re hip-hinging, not ab-crunching. One of the most common mistakes made when performing exercises like the standard sit-up or crunch, is recruiting the hip flexors instead of the abdominal muscles. If […]

common squat mistakes 7

7 Squat Mistakes That Are Slowly Destroying Your Body

With it being a primal movement, we were all born with the ability to squat reasonably well. Over time, however, thanks to the invention of chairs and toilets, we use the movement less and less as we get older, especially here in the West. Now that we use the squat as an exercise in the […]

11 mistakes we all made as a new gym member 2

11 Mistakes Everyone Makes as a New Gym Member

Whatever your reason for going to the gym – whether you joined to lose fat, build muscle or train for an event or sport – you either made or are still making at least a few of these mistakes… 1. Never upping the intensity If you’re sat on a leg press machine doing 10 comfortable […]

muscle memory is in our dna

Study reveals ‘muscle memory’ exists at a DNA level

A study led by researchers at Keele University has shown for the first time that human muscles possess a ‘memory’ of earlier growth at DNA level. Periods of skeletal muscle growth are ‘remembered’ by the genes in the muscle, helping them to grow larger later in life. The research, published in Scientific Reports, could have far-reaching […]

how to find your natural squat stance

How to Find Your Natural Squat Stance

Foot position in the squat is one of the most debated subjects in the fitness industry. We’re told by one person that a wide stance is bad for the knees, whilst another person argues that a narrow stance is more dangerous. We’re told that that pointing your toes out will reduce the risk of injury, […]