Conor McGreger announces retirement from UFC
conor mcgregor retires from UFC has conor mcgreger really retired

Conor McGreger announces retirement from UFC

UFC star Conor McGreger has announced that he is now officially retired from participating in the UFC.

The 30 year-old tweeted the news early this morning, stating that he will no longer be a part of the Mixed Martial Arts sport scene.

McGreger hasn’t given a specific reason for his retirement, but fans have been speculating that it may have something to do with Conor’s arrest in Miami Beach just a few days previous.

Conor was charged with strong-arm robbery and criminal mischief. He was later released from custody in the Florida city after posting his bond of $12,500 (£9,450).

Has Conor McGreger really retired?

Whilst this news may come as a shock to many, it’s not actually the first time the UFC star has announced that he will be leaving the sport.

Back in April 2016, he tweeted: “I have decided to retire young. Thanks for the cheese”. He was then not included on the UFC 200 card. However, he quickly issued a retraction, outlining that he had instead fallen out with the sport’s bosses over promotional work.

Following McGregor’s announcement this morning, UFC President Dana White told MMA writers in the US: “He has the money to retire. It totally makes sense. If I was him, I would retire too.

“He’s retiring from fighting, not from working. The whiskey will keep him busy and I’m sure he has other things he’s working on.”

“He has been so fun to watch. He has accomplished incredible things in this sport. I am so happy for him and look forward to seeing him be as successful outside the octagon as he was in it.”

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