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5 Ways to Naturally Boost your Metabolism

5 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Metabolism

If you’re dealing with a sluggish metabolism, you know how frustrating it can be when it comes to accomplishing your fitness goals. Simply put, your metabolism is the process of taking what your body consumes and using it as the energy that you requires on a day to day basis.

From genetics to habits, various factors can have an effect on your own metabolism, and some are more easily controlled than others. There are many steps you can take to boost your metabolism, but here are 5 key starting points to take into consideration.

1. Rest and recovery is vital

It can be hard to get a good amount of sleep when you lead a busy lifestyle. Did you know that lack of sleep can have a negative effect on your metabolism? That’s not the only thing it can affect, either. If you’re missing out on sleep, you can be at risk for heart disease, stroke, and insulin resistance that can lead to diabetes, not to mention physical injury.

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2. Eat small, regular meals

when trying to maintain a fast metabolism, it’s a lot more effective to eat consistently throughout the day than only eating two or three large meals. When you wait a long time to eat, your body gets used to burning calories slowly while storing fat cells. Eating consistently regulates your blood sugar levels and stabilises your metabolism at the same time.

Your body is smart, and will quickly learn by eating regularly that food is readily available, and will therefore speed up your metabolism. Aim to eat smaller portions every three or four hours through out the day to optimise your metabolic speed.

3. Focus on building lean muscle

It’s a known fact that lean muscle is advantageous because it burns through calories at a faster rate when compared to fat. Because muscles require energy to function, then the more muscle you have, the more energy you use daily.

If you’re in an age group that makes maintaining muscle mass a little more challenging, it becomes even more important to stay on stop of maintaining muscle mass. This is why weight training is advantageous for those looking to boost their metabolism.

4. Increase intensity of your workout

Even increasing the intensity of your workout in short intervals can help your body work harder to burn more energy and boost your metabolism. The next time you’re in the gym, try increasing the intensity for half of a minute and then go back to your normal pace. This will boost your metabolism and result in you burning body fat more easily.

5. Watch your vitamin intake

Did you know that B vitamins are key elements to your metabolic processes? Thiamine, riboflavin, and pyridoxine (B1, B2, and B6) are the three B vitamins you’re going to want to focus on to improve your metabolism. You can find them in whole grain foods, bananas, eggs, oranges, peas, spinach, and baked potatoes. Try to integrate these food into your diet more often to aid your metabolism.

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