Kettlebell training has gained immense popularity in recent times among fitness enthusiasts. They are effective in building strength, endurance, and flexibility. But have you ever wondered if the shape of the kettlebell matters? The answer is yes. Let’s find out why.

Kettlebell Shapes

Kettlebells come in various shapes and sizes, but the most common are the classic and competition kettlebells. Classic kettlebells have a traditional round shape with a flat bottom, while competition kettlebells have a uniform size with a thinner handle and a hollow core.

Classic Kettlebells

Classic kettlebells are great for beginners as they have a stable base and are easy to grip. They are also available in a wide range of weights, making them suitable for different fitness levels. However, due to their round shape, they have a higher center of mass that can make certain exercises, such as the Turkish get-up, more challenging.

Competition Kettlebells

Competition kettlebells are designed for professional athletes and serious fitness enthusiasts. They have a uniform size, which means that the weight remains the same regardless of the size of the kettlebell. This makes them ideal for exercises like the snatch, where you need to switch the kettlebell from hand to hand. Additionally, the thinner handle and hollow core provide a more comfortable grip and reduce the strain on your wrists.

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Regardless of the shape of the kettlebell, kettlebell training offers numerous benefits. It is a full-body workout that improves cardiovascular health, enhances muscle strength and endurance, and increases flexibility. The dynamic movements involved in kettlebell training also improve balance and coordination.

Choosing the Right Kettlebell Shape

The choice of kettlebell shape depends on your fitness level and the exercises you want to perform. If you are a beginner, you may want to start with a classic kettlebell. They are widely available and offer a stable base for exercises like the goblet squat and the two-handed swing. If you are a professional athlete, competition kettlebells might be more suitable for you as they offer a more comfortable grip and a uniform size.

Kettlebell Workouts

Kettlebell workouts can be customized to suit your fitness level and goals. Here are some popular kettlebell workouts:

Kettlebell Workout Benefits
The Swing Builds strength and improves cardiovascular health
The Snatch Increases power and flexibility
The Clean and Press Improves upper body and core strength
The Turkish Get-up Enhances stability, balance, and coordination


In conclusion, the shape of the kettlebell matters, but the choice depends on your fitness level and goals. Whether you opt for a classic or competition kettlebell, kettlebell training offers numerous benefits and can be customized to suit your needs. Incorporate kettlebell workouts into your fitness routine and take your fitness to the next level.