Microfibre Gym Towels

It is said that you did not have a high quality workout if you did not sweat, but getting sweat in your eyes while at the gym is certainly a problem. To alleviate this ongoing issue, just your average towel will not work. Standard towels are weighted down by moisture and that is not something you need when working out. The better solution, and what most professionals use is a microfibre gym towel. If you are looking for the perfect way to wipe away all of that sweat, try one of these amazing microfibre gym towels.

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Microfibre Towel, EXTRA LARGE

No matter what activity you love, a lightweight, super absorbent towel is your very best friend. The Microfibre Towel Extra Large Quick Drying is 90cm by 180cm, so it is not too small, Super absorption technology and a lightweight, compact design allow you to wipe away the sweat without adding extra weight to your routine. The microfibre technology dries far faster than other materials, so you can use the towel again and again throughout all your exercises.

Seca Towels Best Gym Towels for Men & Women (2 Pack)

Sometimes, one towel is simply not enough and if you are an exercise enthusiast, consider investing in the Seca Towels Best Gym Towels Men & Women 2 Pack Microfibre Exercise Sports Towel Set. This set provides you with abundant absorption for all your activities. This set of towels is marketed as a gift, but it can easily be used by anyone for an affordable solution to their perspiration needs. You can keep one in your vehicle and one in your gym bag, so you are never without a highly absorbent microfibre towel.

Amazon Brand - Eono Microfibre Towel

Fast absorption is a vital part of a good gym microfibre towel and the Amazon Brand Econo Microfibre Towel is designed to hold 4 times its normal weight in moisture. While you sweat, this towel will effortlessly wick it away and the lightweight design maintains a fast drying model you have come to expect from the material. Hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties make this towel a top contender for the best microfibre gym towels.

Style Slice Microfibre Towel

All your fitness and outdoor activities can use a high quality microfibre towel to contend with your sweat and personal moisture problems. Camping, hiking, swimming, and intense workouts are all enhanced with a high quality towel at your disposal. Not only are these towels ideal for wiping away sweat, 2 hooks, and a handy carry back help enhance its use. An array of color options are available for the Style Slice Microfibre Towel, so you can find the perfect hue for all your activities.

Fit-Flip Microfibre towel in 12 colours compact

Moisture control needs are not simply one size fits all. Sometimes, one person might require just a small microfibre towel while another may need a much larger version of the same thing. The Fit-Flip Microfibre Towel is the perfect solution. It comes in sizes ranging from 50x30cm all the way up to 100X200cm, so whether you need a small, compact towel, or something a little larger, you can have all you need with this amazingly absorbent microfibre gym towel with convenient carry bag.

VIVOTE Microfibre Gym Towels Sports Fitness

When you purchase the VIVOTE Microfibre Gym Towels Sports Fitness Workout Sweat Towel, you do not just get one super soft sports towel, but 3. This 3 pack offers ultra absorbent technology to help improve all you outdoor and indoor fitness activities. Whether you swimming, doing yoga, camping, working out, or simply taking a bath, these towels are among the best. Quick dry technology helps make every activity even better as you will never be weighted down by the towel again.

DANISH ENDURANCE Microfibre Travel

Regular towels cannot stand up to the DANISH ENDURANCE Microfibre Travel & Sports Towel. Standard towels absorb some moisture, but it often takes time to completely absorb everything. This towel is able to absorb moisture up to 10 times faster than other towel varieties while remaining perfectly soft. Part of the development of this towel was from Stina Troest, a Danish Olympic Runner. If it is good enough for one of the top Danish runners, it is ideal for anyone working out, going camping, or swimming.

Take your fitness routine to the ultimate level with the best microfibre gym towel. These towels offer the ability to absorb moisture far faster than other varieties provide an affordable solution to your moisture concerns. When you need high quality moisture absorption on a smaller format, choose one of these amazing microfibre towels.