A variety of workout clothing options gives you ultimate versatility in your fitness routine and as the weather changes, you need to maintain plenty of options to keep you going. For the warmer months and for those individuals that tend to be hot natured, gym shorts are the ideal clothing option. Gym shorts allow you to move without feeling confined and with so many styles to choose from, you can have many in your workout wardrobe. Here are some of the best on the market today.

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Workout Gym Shorts for Men


Under Armour Tech Graphic Short

Fast drying technology is an essential element in any piece of workout clothing and the Under Armour Tech Graphic Running Shorts offer this through a 100% polyester composition. Drawstring fastening enables you to customize the fit and the lose fitting leg design keeps you comfortable during any fitness activity.

Superora Mens Running Gym Short

With the Superora Men’s Running Gym Sports Shorts, you can enjoy a cotton blend mesh material with Polyester exterior. This material combination offers ultimate comfortable with moisture wicking technology. These shorts provide flexible movement for all your activities and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor fitness activities.

HMIYA Mens Casual Sports Quick Dry Workout Running Shorts

When you workout of choice requires you to have a full range of leg motion, constricting shorts are no way to go. The HIMIYA Men’s Casual Sports Shorts offer a less constrictive format to your workout routine with a rainbow of available colors to choose from. The addition of zippered pockets and moisture wicking materials, these shorts are the best companion you can have for any workout.

Yuerlian Mens Sports Shorts

For the more affordable short, check out the Yerlian Men’s Sports Shorts. These shorts are machine washable and are comprised of 85% polyester, so they will not hold too much moisture. An elastic, drawstring waist enables you to adjust the fit and the loose fitting design helps you maintain optimal range of motion during all your fitness activities.

Muscle Alive Men Bodybuilding Gym Workout Shorts

Bodybuilding shorts are different than your everyday gym shorts varieties and the Muscle Alive Men Bodybuilding Gym Shorts provide exactly what you need for your strength training exercises. With a composition of 5% spandex and 95% soft terry cloth, you will feel comfortable at all times and best of all, these shorts come with two available pockets.

HMIYA Mens Casual Sports Quick Dry Workout Running Shorts

The HIMIYA Men’s Casual Sports Shorts are available in an endless variety of colors to choose from and with the affordability of this short variety, you will buy many for all your workout routines. 95% polyester and 5% elastane provide a comfortable, yet functional format for all your workout routines. Pockets on ether side add to the comfort and versatility of these well designed shorts.

Brave Soul Mens Jogger Shorts Cotton

The Brave Soul Men’s Jogger Shorts provide a basic model for the ideal running short, the 80% cotton, 20% polyester format helps your body remain cool and supported at all times. With 2 side pockets and one back pocket, these board shorts are the ideal solution for the active runner.


PUMA Mens Liga Shorts Core Training Shorts

Moving on the football field when your shorts are too tight is no easy feat, but the PUMA Men’s Liga Shorts Core Training Shorts are designed to allow you to move without holding onto moisture. It is the 100% polyester composition that is most valued for its moisture wicking ability in these shorts. The design remains comfortable and lose for ease of movement.

NIKE Mens M Shorts

The Nike Men’s M Nk Dry Park Shorts are the ideal length for playing sports, running, or just working out in the gym. The slim fit design and 100% polyester format allow you to move with ease without being weight down with moisture. These shorts are easy to wear and come in a range of colors, so don’t just buy one.

Find your perfect pair of gym and workout shorts in these well designed options. Whether you want a shorter pair or longer length for ease of movement, your ideal pair can be found here.

Running Shorts for Men

TCA Mens Elite Tech Lightweight Running or Gym Training Shorts

Certain shorts classified as running shorts do not offer a secure place to store your phone, wallet, keys, or anything else you might need on a run, but the TCA Men’s Elite Tech Lightweight Running Shorts have been designed to do it all with dual zipper pockets for all your essentials. The 8% elastane and 92% polyester composition work well for running and the drawstring fastener adjusts to multiple sizes.

Srizgo Gym Shorts Running Shorts

With a soft, lightweight format, the Srizgo Gym Shorts provide an easy to wear design with multiple sizes to choose from. An Adjustable drawstring waist allows you to customize your fit and invisible pockets provide a safe, zippered place to keep your valuables. Flexibility and range of motion are emphasized with these cleverly designed sports shorts.

Superora Mens Running Gym Shorts

Running in a standard pair of shorts can be distracting as they do not always provide optimal support for the male figure. The design of the Superora Men’s Running Gym Shorts enables optimal support and style all in one. The double layer design offers the ability to support your body while you run and the inner pocket supplies a secure area to hold your belongings. The outer layer of these shorts remains stylish and breathable for ultimate comfort while running.

Danfiki Men Running Shorts Mens

Style and functionality are the basis of the design of the Danfiki Men Running Sorts. These shorts come in a wide range of colors and offer both a loose fitting outer layer and body hugging inner lining for the ultimate in comfort and support. The shorts are quick drying and offer zippered pockets for convenience while you workout.

Gym Shorts for Men


HEAD Men`s Club Shorts

No matter how much fashions change, you cannot deny that these classic men’s club shorts will always be in style. The elasticated waistband with drawcord adjustability will help you feel comfortable and secure while working out. Made from 100% Polyester, these are lightweight, breathable and quick-drying. Smart looking enough to wear for sports or as everyday leisurewear. 2 slip in hand pockets make it easy to carry your keys and credit card while out and about.

TEXT Men`s 2-Pack Gym Shorts

This is a two-pack set of men’s shorts with zipped pockets for extra security for your valuables. The shorts are made of quick-drying, comfortable stretch material, offering great flexibility while working out. The stretch mélange fabric is moisture-wicking and lightweight. The relaxed fit is smart and stylish enough to wear to the gym or use as leisurewear. The material has built-in UV protection technology to help protect you from the sun while exercising out of doors.

Tansozer Men`s Gym Shorts

These are built for comfort with a flexible elasticated waist with drawstring closing. An excellent choice for outdoor activities during the summer, such as running and sports. These shorts have zip closing pockets to keep your keys, wallet and phone safe and secure. Made from 70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 5% Elastane, these shorts are machine washable and quick-drying.


adidas Mens Parma 16 Shorts

These classic designed sports shorts are lightweight and comfortable. They have an elastic rubber waistband and drawstring closing for comfort, security, and better fit. Made from 100% Polyester, these shorts are machine washable and quick drying. The lightweight material and design make these an ideal choice to wear during warmer weather when you don’t want to wear thick or heavy shorts.

Superora Men`s Running Gym Sport Shorts

These are lightweight shorts that are ideal for wearing during hot weather. They are machine washable and quick-drying. Made from a breathable material, the shorts give you the flexibility you need to bend, stretch and reach in all directions. The shorts have two pockets so you can carry keys, credit cards or phone securely. Comfortable with a decent amount of stretch for the gym.

Yuerlian 3 Pack Men`s Shorts

An ideal pack of three quick-drying sports shorts for men with pockets. Made from a lightweight and breathable material, these shorts are suitable for use during warm weather or when you are working out and want some comfortable moisture-wicking shorts. Made from polyester and spandex, these sports shorts are great for outdoor running/jogging and court sports such as tennis. These are Bermuda short style with a button fastening and flat-locked seams that are non-chafing.


Under Armour Tech Graphic Shorts

Lightweight and breathable, these men’s shorts are ideal for running and working out. High-performance and versatile gym wear and keeps you cool and prevents overheating. Made from 100% Polyester, these shorts are quick-drying and have a loose fit for more range of motion while working out. These shorts have an elasticated waistband.

Under Armour UA Tech Mesh Short

These shorts are longer basketball cut leg length for comfortable training all year round. These shorts are ideal for jogging/running, gym work, and court sports; these shorts are versatile and smart-looking enough to use as everyday leisurewear. Made using specialised UA tech mesh offering ventilated technology and breathability, these moisture-wicking shorts dry out quickly and feel comfortable no matter where you wear them.