The Shortest Mile Run: A Look at Records

Running a mile is no easy feat, and it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get there. But have you ever wondered what the shortest mile run is? In this blog post, we’ll explore the history of the mile run, the fastest mile runners in the world, and the shortest mile runs ever recorded.

The History of the Mile Run

The mile run has a long and storied history, dating back to ancient times when Greek athletes ran olympic races. However, the modern mile run as we know it today was not established until the 19th century. In 1851, the first recorded timed mile run took place in England, with William Cummings completing the distance in 4 minutes and 28 seconds.

Since then, the mile run has become a staple of track and field events, with athletes all over the world attempting to break records and reach their personal bests.

The Fastest Mile Runners in the World

Over the years, many talented runners have attempted to break the world record for the mile run. Currently, the record is held by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco, who ran a mile in 3 minutes and 43.13 seconds in 1999.

Other notable mile runners include Roger Bannister, who famously broke the four-minute mile barrier in 1954, and Steve Scott, who holds the record for the most sub-four-minute mile runs.

The Shortest Mile Runs Ever Recorded

While the world record mile runs are impressive, they are not the shortest mile runs ever recorded. In fact, some runners have attempted to complete the mile run in as little time as possible, often breaking the rules of official track and field events.

One notable example is Ron Clarke, an Australian runner who completed a mile run in 3 minutes and 46 seconds while running clockwise around a rugby field, cutting the distance of a traditional mile run significantly.

Another example is John Landy, who famously lost to Roger Bannister in the 1954 four-minute mile race but later ran the distance in 3 minutes and 57 seconds while running downhill.


While the shortest mile runs ever recorded may not be officially recognized, they are still impressive feats of athleticism and dedication. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a casual runner, the mile run is a great way to challenge yourself and achieve your personal best. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one setting a new record for the shortest mile run ever completed!

Fastest mile runners Time Date
Hicham El Guerrouj 3:43.13 1999
Sebastian Coe 3:47.33 1981
Steve Cram 3:46.32 1985