For those of you that know who Elliott Hulse is, you’ll know that he’s taken YouTube by storm over the past decade and built up a strong reputation online as an experienced, knowledgeable and reliable source of information when it comes to growing stronger, both physically and mentally.

Elliott’s simple, no-bull approach to answering questions about strength and fitness earned him tens of millions of views on his thousands of videos on his multiple channels, including Yo Elliot, Elliot Said What? and Strength Camp. But before raking in millions of subscribers across his YouTube channels and becoming an online success, even going on to publish books and hold events internationally for his fans, the strength coach and strong man competitor was in $90,000 of debt.

Who is Elliott Hulse ?

Elliott Hulse, a professional strongman and strength coach known for his YouTube fitness channel called strengthcamp. He has a second popular channel called elliottsaidwhat and runs a workout blog called hulsestrength. At one point, he was the MVP of his football team at St Johns University after receiving a scholarship. After voting on Ryan Seacrest’s website, he was voted “YouTube’s favourite health and fitness star” by fans. He has three younger siblings, in turn his uncle was a source of inspiration for his bodybuilding career. He is heavily active on social media, as is Steve Cook.

Activities Elliott Hulse

At the time, Strength Camp was, in essence, a mobile fitness class, where Elliott would train locals who wished to turn up and participate in outdoor strength training routines designed by the man himself, who had a lot of knowledge and experience in strength training following a career as a Strongman competitor and (American) football player. Today, Strength Camp is made up of a collection of gyms in multiple cities around the world.

In this first episode of a 3 part series, Elliot takes us back to where it all started. From the junkyard where he would find useful equipment that he could use at his camp, such as tyres and bars; to his old office, from which he was forced to leave after being attacked by the dog of a local homeowner. Elliott talks about the event in the video, reflecting on how he wished to stay at that location, but wasn’t comfortable risking the safety of his Strength Camp clients.

Elliott is still very much active on his YouTube channel and social media, but is moving more into the promotion of business and entrepreneurship as oppose to fitness advice. He also runs what he calls a ‘Grounding Camp‘, where he teaches and discusses meditation and spirituality to large groups of fans and followers, adding his own twist of ‘bioenergetic grounding’ and ‘energetic strength’.