If you spend any time watching fitness videos on YouTube, there’s no doubt you’ve come across Steve Cook before. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Steve has played a huge role in the fitness industry over the last decade.

As well as being an American IFBB professional physique competitor, coming 5th at the 2014 and 8th in the 2013 Mr. Olympia physique showdown competition, he has also been featured in a variety of magazines, websites and online platforms – most popularly, his own YouTube channel.

In a recent video (uploaded July 5th), Steve clears the air over some recent shade coming in from Bodybuilding.com – a company he’s worked with extensively over the years.

Take a look…

According to Steve, Bodybuilding.com recently took a selection of programmes, created by athletes like Steve in association with the site, and started charging people for them.

Not only have Bodybuilding.com decided not to give the athletes any form of cut of the profit – they didn’t even make them aware of the decision.

Understandably, this has left Steve (and other athletes no doubt) in an awkward position, having never agreed to charging customers (and quite possibly big fans of theirs) for the courses they created.

Steve keeps his cool when explaining the situation, but clearly displays his disappointment with the company, before getting back to his vlog.

Bodybuilding.com are yet to comment on the situation, but no doubt if other athletes like Steve continue to call them out, they’ll be forced to take action somehow.